Autour de la Table Podcast

Une table et des chaises avec une image de feu au-dessus et le titre "Autour de la table, le balado féministe".

Launched in 2024, Autour de la Table is a feminist podcast channel in the Gaspé and the Magdalen Islands. Its various podcasts showcase a diversity of current feminist issues affecting women and people experiencing gender-based oppression within the region.

Because behind each issue, there are real people from our communities who experience these issues on a daily basis, and who advocate about it.  This podcast channel is aiming at amplifying their voices and generating feminist conversations rooted in our region.

Femmes et politique is the first podcast of the Autour de la Table podcast channel. The episodes will showcase various portraits of politically engaged women from the Gaspé and the Magdalen Islands. Encounter with women involved in electoral politics as candidates, elected officials, activits within a political party, but also activist women from multiple social movements.

What are they experiencing in politics in 2024? Discover their stories and the many facets of women’s political committment.